Large Commercial Building Cleaning

( Gloucester Royal Hospital Great western road GL1 3NN )

Gloucester Royal Hospital has been an eye sore for many years. It’s a fantastic building built In 1912, construction on a 149-bed infirmary started on Great Western Road over many years during and after the war it had been built on and adapted in many ways. it was finally complete and established as Gloucester royal hospital in 1975 incorporated a new 11-storey tower which has stood their since.

The building still in good use for many 1000s of patience had started to look tired so they were new plans to add over cladding to give the hospital a face lift.  Many factors how to install the new cladding had to be overcome.. using specialist lifts to add the cladding on were a major part of the build.

Also, the cleaning of walkways had to be carried out before the cladding could be erected, this was due to the large scale of pigeon poop that had accumulated in the gully walkways of the external building. Their were also issues with water pressure and sheer scale of an 11 story high hospital.

Alex from SkyLine SoftWash went onsite to survey the job, after surveying the job it was thought that the best tool for the job would in fact be the doff system which uses high heat and low water intake only 5L per minute. This surpassed the need for high water pressure cleaner, not only saves water but also using heat can clean and sanitize the surface using the heat.

A rig was created and before each drop SkyLine SoftWash were called in to prep the area before installing the cladding.

Work was then finally underway . If you have a large building clean to manage and just don’t know where to start then get in touch with SkyLine SoftWash one of the team will be happy to assist.

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