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roof cleaning in Gloucester can it really help? Moss growing on your roof is not only unsighlty but over time can cause damage to the pointing and structure of the roof.

Throughout Gloucester and the UK many roofs look the same rearly do people consider roof cleaning as so many other people roofs are coverd in moss. Its only when they discover problems and then its to lat for a roof cleaning having to spend thousands on expensive repair work and scaffolding instead.  The damp cool UK climate are the main culprits that help these infestations of microorganisms to grow and spread from roof to roof.

Is it really worth having a roof cleaning treatment?

There are thousands of different types of microorganisms growing on our roofs the main culprit is moss. Moss grows really thick and before you know it you have moss in your gutters and making a mess on your patio and driveway. Moss can block up your gutters if you don’t keep on top of it with an annual gutter clearing schedule. Water can then get into your roof line and the moss can cause damage to your roof.

Is Pressure washing a good way of cleaning your roof?

Many people think pressure washing is a good idea for roof cleaning. Pressure washing may make your roof look great instantly and clean all the moss off your roof simultaneously. The only thing is that if your moss is covering damage that you cannot see i.e loose, cracked roof tiles or poor pointing, it’s a sure fire way of destroying your roof and blasting off your tiles and pointing causing extensive damage. Do you want roof tiles and cement flying off your roof from a pressure washer? Do you want water blasted into your roof space with high pressure?

Can Moss damage your roof?

Moss is like a sponge and when there is lots of moss growing on your roof it’s like a carpet of sponge covering your roof. It grows in all the cracks, crevices and takes root under, in and around the roof tiles. When it rains moss absorbs the water which helps it grow and spread further, Also in colder weather when it freezes the water can expand by approximately 9%.

how safe is roof cleaning?

There are many risks associated with roof cleaning so its important you select the right roof cleaning company for your roof.

Roofs come in all shapes and size and its not a case of one size fits all. Roofs are structured from many different types of tiles and some roofs maybe in better condition than others. Some Roofs may not be suitable for SoftWash or Roof Cleaning if they are in bad condtion.

It also depends on the infestation level of microorganisms (Moss, Algae, Lichen, Fungus) and how much growth is there.

When its a low infestation level of roof moss it may be safer to have a SoftWash treatment which will kill the moss and allow the weather cycles to softly clean your roof over the coming months. SoftWash is by far the safest way to clean your roof without having to actually get up and manully scrape the moss from the roof.

If there is a heavy infestation of roof moss your roof may require a De-Moss also known as a Roof Moss Removal service which can take time and also can be challenging and technical.


Roof Cleaning Saftey

There are many risks associated with roof cleaning, the main one is falling from height which can result in serious injury or even death.

Working at height regulations state that:-

“Roof work is high risk and falls from roofs, through fragile roofs and fragile roof lights are one of the most common causes of workplace death and serious injury. As well as in construction, these accidents can also occur on roofs of factories, warehouses and farm buildings when roof repair work or roof cleaning is being carried out

 “There is a common misconception that ladders and stepladders are banned, but this is not the case. There are many situations where a ladder is the most suitable equipment for working at height.

 For more info on Health and safety please visit (


How can you clean your roof safely ?

SkyLine SoftWash based in Longlevens, Gloucester have years of experience in cleaning many different types of roofs in many different regions throughout Gloucester and  UK . SkyLine SoftWash have the right knowledge, Equipment and training to clean your roof in a safe way keeping risk to a minimum.


Options of Safe Access to you roof

There are many occasions when cleaning roofs there will be no need to use any access equipment when using a SoftWash System, Soft Washing your roof can be achieved from ground level or gutter level using a ladder. However if you have lots of moss growing on your roof with thick heavy infestation of fungus it may mean using access equipment as your roof may need to have a De-Moss ( Moss removal service)

  • Scaffold Towers
  • Cherry Pickers
  • Scissor Lifts
  • Rope Access
  • Roof ladders

When using access equipment the risks go up and also the costs. If you can SoftWash your roof before the moss gets too bad and have a proactive SoftWash treatment on your roof you will never have the expense of having to have someone de-moss your roof.

So if your looking at getting your roof cleaned, get it done sooner rather than later as it may cost you more in the long run if you leave it to late!

Steps of How to clean your roof Safely

There are a few options of the best practice of how to clean your roof, to start with its best to go with the safest low risk option which is “SoftWash.” However, one of our team can offer a FREE Roof survey to assess your roof to see which is the most effective and safest way to clean your roof with the best outcome for you.

Roof Cleaning Options

  • SoftWash Treatment (allow weather cycles to gently clean the roof after treatment)
  • De-Moss (Moss removal for heavy moss build-up)
  • De-Moss & SoftWash
  • DOFF Steam cleaning (low pressure 150 Degree heat low water volume system)

DOFF Steam cleaning (Roof cleaning option)

If you don’t want to use chemicals there is the option to use DOFF however this is most likely to be the highest cost option due to the cost of running the DOFF and also safe roof access equipment will be needed. It will most likely be the most time consuming too

If you want a non-evasive Soft Steam clean low pressure that can clean your roof without chemicals SkyLine SoftWash can help.

What ever you need SkyLine SoftWash have you covered!

For your FREE SoftWash roof cleaning Gloucester demo or survey please get in touch and one of our team will be with you as soon as possible.

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If you're looking for a pressure washing company in the Gloucester area then look no further than Skyline Softwash. They've just removed around 50 years worth of grime and fungus from my driveway & paths, leaving them looking just like they did when the house was built! I'm very impressed by the company, they did the work with a couple of days of contacting them, turned up on time and charged a very reasonable fee for the work. I'm going to recommend them to my son-in-laws facilities management company as a very useful specialist.
John Lane
John Lane
16:36 02 Jan 20
Skyline has a great hard working and friendly team. I have had them on my job doing the Doff specialist cleaning on brickwork, softwash cleaning on fire escapes and gutter cleaning. Every time they have been brilliant. Would definitely recommend.
Neil Klassen
Neil Klassen
13:50 08 Nov 19
Called Skyline in to treat a severe moss problem on a north facing roof which was causing problems with the guttering. Cleaned and treated whole roof with all work done to a very high standard and done courteously, with care (we have dogs and a large fish pond) and consideration to the neighbours.In addition, cleaned and treated large driveway (also on north side).Excellent work on the day despite it being freezing cold, with the whole house looking so much better.
Dave Dawson
Dave Dawson
12:19 03 Nov 19
I have used Skyline Softwash on several occasions. First job was a gutter clearance and sofit/fascia clean of a four storey block of flats, then roof clearance to remove moss build up on two blocks of flat. The most recent was render and stone clean of a development of 24 flats. Amazing finish. Al and his team are friendly, professional and competitively priced. I would have no hesitation recommending them. I will most definitely be working with them again.
Rachel Watts
Rachel Watts
10:49 24 Sep 19
The front of my house had nearly 20 years of dirt, moss etc on it.Skyline Softwash cleaned it very efficiently last week and the house front is looking much better and cleaner. Thank you very much to Al and his colleague.
Jonathan Moffitt
Jonathan Moffitt
14:32 15 Jul 19
Had the gutters fascias and soffits plus all the windows and sills and doors cleaned by skyline....what a fantastic job.! It all looks like brand new. The chaps that did the job were lovely. I would fully reccommend this company to brighten up your home and make it look new again.This is the 3rd time ive used them and wouldnt hesitate to use them again.
Ruth Smith
Ruth Smith
12:53 12 Jul 19
Skyline Softwash came round and cleaned out front gutters. They made contact that morning to verify timing. The chaps were professional and polite. The job was done quickly and efficiently. Many thanks.
Sam Eedle
Sam Eedle
18:03 05 Jul 19
Alex and Tanaka just completed cleaning our ancient conservatory, covered with fungus and untouched by us for years. They worked tirelessly for several hours, even forgetting their tea, to get off every stain and they did an incredible job. They were helpful and considerate throughout the work - we will definitely use them again!
Dominic Nelder
Dominic Nelder
13:44 29 May 19
Very good communication, friendly and they did a very good job. I contacted this company to clean down my brickwork. It was was done very quickly and thoroughly. I highly rate this business and will certainly be using them again.
From the initial contact to the finalisation of the work, we have nothing but good things to say about Skyline Softwash/Al’s Window Cleaning. We arranged for a quote to be made and also a small test patch to be done and this promised a very good result. Our house had 15 years of staining and mould so was in desperate need of a clean. The work was done quickly and efficiently and we are blown away with the results. Our render looks like new. We whole-heartedly recommend this company. We only wish we’d done it sooner!
Dominic Knill
Dominic Knill
14:03 12 May 19
When the husband said he was paying to have our render cleaned for my birthday, I thought it was a step up from the iron he bought me last year...But wow, he’s earned some brownie points.... The team at Skyline Softwash were nothing but professional from start to finish. It’s obvious they want to provide the best service and generally care that you’re happy with the finish.The house now looks brand new, shame they don’t do inside!
Claire Arrowsmith
Claire Arrowsmith
14:52 11 Feb 19
We have recently started using SkyLine SoftWash, and just wanted to say a big thank you! The job was completed to an extremely high standard and in a timely manner. If you're looking for window cleaning in the Gloucestershire area we would highly recommend the team.
09:05 05 Feb 19
We started using SkyLine Softwash (Al's Window Cleaning) a few months ago after our previous window cleaner was no longer able to continue (no problems with his service or results). We have been extremely impressed with the SkyLine service; the finished results; the reliability; the payment method and the smart appearance of the guys who arrive to do the work. We know from the schedule when to expect them (also confirmed prior to their visit). It won't matter if we are not at home, they will crack on and carry out the work, and because of their payment system, we don't have to be at home with cash to pay them. The whole process is seamless and now that it is up and running we can forget about it and leave everything to Al and his happy team. Thanks Al, it is brilliant, the best window cleaning service we have had, or known.
Nigel Oatey
Nigel Oatey
17:29 26 Jan 19
We have been using Al’s services for at least a year and we are happy with it. They are regular, always good work and they send you a text the day before to advise you when they will come. Direct Debit makes payment easy!
KrisWill Wedding
KrisWill Wedding
20:08 25 Jan 19
I no longer need to even think about my windows. They get thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis by Skyline Softwash who take a professional pride in their work and for a very reasonable fee. The best window cleaners ever.
Linda Fisher
Linda Fisher
16:55 25 Jan 19
I have used this Company from the time that the Boss man started the business, also recommended to friends & neighbours. I have never been let down, the finish result is excellent and the team are so friendly. Even been known to clean a large mirror in the living room for me.
Kerry Cresswell
Kerry Cresswell
16:42 25 Jan 19
Well we previously used another company but when there was a mix up regarding a cheque payment they became extremely rude.We had been loyal customers for years and there attitude was not pleasant.However we then found Al and everything changed and all for the better.The team are really nice and friendly and I guess that comes from being happy in their job.One of our windows was difficult to reach as it’s above the conservatory but this never phased them and they stood on the wall around the fishpond as this wasn’t going to defeat them.What more is there to say than they are the best around and I have no hesitation in recommending them.
irene hyett
irene hyett
12:26 10 Jan 19
Well we previously used another company but when there was a mix up regarding a cheque payment they became extremely rude.We had been loyal customers for years and there attitude was not pleasant.However we then found Al and everything changed and all for the better.The team are really nice and friendly and I guess that comes from being happy in their job.One of our windows was difficult to reach as it’s above the conservatory but this never phased them and they stood on the wall around the fishpond as this wasn’t going to defeat them.What more is there to say than they are the best around and I have no hesitation in recommending them.
irene hyett
irene hyett
12:26 10 Jan 19

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Your roof and exteriors are actually NOT DIRTY, they are INFESTED with microorganisms like bacteria, algae, mould, fungus, and lichen.

BY the time These microorganisms start to grow they can shorten the lifespan of your roof by decomposing the roofing material itself. By Sanitizing these surfaces we can provide you a truly clean exterior

SkyLine SoftWash provides a professional De-Moss and roof cleaning service in Gloucester, Cheltenham, and the Cotswolds, serving the Gloucestershire community and the surrounding counties.

SkyLine SoftWash uses specialist SoftWash Systems using the low-pressure method when cleaning roofs, meaning we are able to thoroughly clean your roof without causing any damage to your roof.

When cleaning a roof generally speaking there is no need for someone to step foot on your roof, Meaning that there is less chance of cracked and damaged roof tiles occurring by people stepping on them.

Soft Washing gives you the clean you expect with all the benefits of pest control like application, sanitizing the surface and lasting 4 – 6 times longer than pressure washing.

Microorganism spread rapidly on roofs in the UK because of the climate we have here. As the weather warms up along with increased moisture from the meting pols, Mould, Moss, and Algae on roofs will become a bigger problem in the future.

So by having a SoftWash Roof Treatment on your roof, this will keep these nasty bacteria at bay and stop them decomposing your roof.

By having your roof cleaned this will mean your roof will last a lot longer, and increase the curb appeal if you decide to sell your property.

Our highly professional roof cleaning service will not only leave your roof looking in much better condition but can also have the added advantage of saving you money in the long run due to huge repair bills. Our service can also help improve the value and appearance of your property.

Roof cleaning with a difference, The Alternative to pressure washing. Cleaning your roof from all debris, organic growth, dirt, and grime, Using Biodegradable SoftWash Systems cleaners, leaving your roof completely clear and ensure they have a longer lifespan.

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