We were asked to help clean at the new Sports hall at Hartpury College.

F3 builders done a fantastic job in building the new Sports hall ready for the students at Hartpury college, but after construction works, quite a mess can be made. SkyLine were called in to support cleaning the site.

First we were called in to support in the cleaning of the brick work which a bad case of efflorescence. The white minerals leaching from the mortar and brickwork had seriously stained both the brick and the mortar. Using 150-degree heat and low pressure, the areas were cleaned without causing damage that a pressure would.

only a short video as we were very busy

Also being a very busy building the site health and safety was a risk, through careful management and communication, the exterior of the college was finally finished and once the builders left we finished on both the external and internal window cleaning.

Window cleaning was carried out using our water fed poles, alongside our water purification system to get the dust off, followed by traditional window cleaning methods.

If you have recently been part of a building project and they’re getting behind on the sign off.. get in touch. Many times building managers get cleaners in far too early and can often cause more expense having to ask for cleaners to come back as someone has messed up their excellent work with paint or plaster or after the clean has been signed off!.

This can all be avoided when hiring a professional window cleaning company, ’ experience is essential in building cleaning projects so ensuring when in a high pressured busy environment, you know when to get the cleaners in while ensuring the safety of contractors, staff and the public.

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