Make the most of this Lock down Get your business ship shape.


Internal high up Commercial Window Cleaning in Gloucestershire David LLoyd ClubLike you and many others in the UK business are having to adapt the way they work, often many staff now have to work from home. This means once busy offices, cafes and many other areas are empty.

Usually trying to find time to have these areas cleaned can be difficult as these areas are usually in use 24/7. Although Covid19 has become part of our life’s you can take advantage of some of the free time this allows you to get your business ready to open.

Years of dust and much can build up in high up areas internally so now is the perfect time to get contractors in to clean, disinfect and sanitise these areas to make sure your workplace is safe and healthy for when your workforce returns back to work.

Theirs nothing worse than having to come back to work to a dusty workplace. High up dusting and window cleaning can be achieved using scaffold towers and pole systems without having to worry about working around staff & Public. Make use of the time this Lockdown has given us and get your work area clean and tidy and ready for your next busy period

SkyLine SoftWash offer

  • Commercial Window Cleaning
  • High up internal dusting of Sports centres and warehouses
  • Cladding SoftWash Treatment
  • Commercial Roof Cleaning
  • Commercial Render cleaning
  • DOFF steam cleaning
  • Much more

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