Render cleaning in Staunton, Gloucestershire

Render cleaning in Staunton, gloucestershire
Render cleaning in Staunton, gloucestershire

SkyLine SoftWash were asked to clean the render and pathways on this lovely home in Staunton near Gloucester.

Despite being a relatively new building due to the weather conditions and type of building materials such as K-Render , The building had become infested with mould, Algae lichen and moss. These growths when left un-treated can start to cause damage to the surface of the building.

The brick window ledges had moss growth which has started to eat into the brick work, For a new building with only a few years of growth it was surprising to see how dense the fungus had become.

Skyline SoftWash Treated from the top of the chimney on the roof right down to the patios and pathways, treating the render and cleaning the Upvc, gutters and windows and everything in between.

It was important on this particular job to treat the top of the chimney at their was a lot of lichen growths, If only the wall got cleaned and not the top it would not of been long before the microorganisms spread back through the house due to rain run-off from the flat surface.

Many modern buildings have chimneys but are fake and capped off, the cap acts as a pool Being a flat surface this means a nice easy place for micro-organisms to grow and spread.

If you have a new or older property that has render or k-render on the walls it may be worth pre-treating the area with a SoftWash sanitation to stop the growth of micro-orgasms and keeping your property ship shape

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