Roof Cleaning in The village of Shipton Oliffe


Shipton Oliffe is situated just 7 miles from Cheltenham. The River Coln, just a small stream at this point, flows through the village over two fords and innumerable little water splashes, creating ornamental lakes in private properties.

It rises to the north of Brockhampton, a village to the east of Cheltenham, and flows in a south/south-easterly direction through the Cotswold Hills via AndoversfordWithingtonFossebridgeBiburyColn St AldwynsQuenington and Fairford.Roof Cleaning in Shipton Oliffe GL54 4JA

SkyLine SoftWash were called to a lovley property at Shipton Oliffe GL54 4JA. The Property was situated in a beautliful location with a small stream as the border at the back garden which is part of the river Coln. As you can see the roof came out great and will continue to improve with the weather cycles.

Can the Chemicals effect our environment? 

Figures released by the Environment Agency state that pollution from discharge, chemicals and agriculture are having a huge impact on river quality.

That being said “it’s” important that when having your roof cleaned you choose a roof cleaning company that will work in an environmentally responsible way. Many roof cleaners use toxic chemicals and biocides without little knowledge or training. SkyLine SoftWash have to attain a pass rate of 80% in order to become an Authorised Applicator, this enables our staff….” to use the best practices to look after your environment.

“You entrust us with your property when you commission Skyline SoftWash to work for you and we respect that.”

  • SkyLine SoftWash isn’t a new “GREEN” company.
  • We have always had a strong commitment to being more than green.
  • Our company has core values that places stewardship and service above profits.
  • We believe that profits will come as we focus on doing business in a way that honours our values.
  • This is our “world is round” mindset and “what we reap we sew” is in our moral fibre.
  • Our pledge to passing on a clean, healthy environment is what we have deemed as our Good Stewards program.

As Good Stewards, Skyline SoftWash follow the in-network practices, protocols and standards of SoftWash Systems. We do this for greater reasons than just to comply with in-network standards but rather because we wholeheartedly understand we are stewards of the resources that we have been entrusted with. As a customer of Skyline SoftWash you entrust us with your property and we respect that. This respect also transfers to the land, water and air surrounding your property as well. SoftWash Systems has developed technology around this Good Stewards pledge.

If you want your roof cleaned in a safe way then SkyLine SoftWash Can help.. For a FREE estimate contact us today on 01452 301342