Unity in Our community | Sanitation For The Nation

the spring center gloucester The spring Centre is the bed rock for Children and young adults with disabilities and special needs in and around Gloucester providing the best possible care for their members.

Providing meals and a range of activities in a fun, friendly place it was important to give the place a lift. Children are supported by staff and can enjoy indoor and outdoor activities in a safe and caring environment that supports their physical, emotional and psychological needs

Due to government lock down the centre had to sadly shut its doors for a short period to keep both its young people and key workers safe. This was the perfect time for the team to go in, Clean, Sanitise and disinfect the outside areas, after the area had been left over the winter months it was time to schedule the spring clean.

SkyLine SoftWash were privileged to be able to go and Clean up the playground for this fantastic charity, Most of their income comes from donations and business often go in giving up their free time  to help get things done! SkyLine SoftWash were more than happy to assist.

COVID-19 has closed so many places people rely on it was important to get the playground ready for when the doors do re-open.

The Process used for Cleaning, Sanitisation and disinfection was followed in line with the SoftWash Systems Sanitized training

First a pre-treatment was applied the area and breakdown the biofilm that contained any bugs, virus, mould, algae, using scratch techniques this can be achieved with pressure washing, scrubbing or scraping the surface to break down the bio film.

We then followed with additional SoftWash Treatment at 3% well above the recommended dosage for killing COVID-19. The reason for higher level was to really kill the fungus growing on the playground there was lots of mould, moss and infestations of micro-organisms growing within the surface or the Wet pour play area.

the spring center gloucesterif you can help with any funding or help in anyway to help this fantastic Charity please get in touch

visit the spring website http://springcentre.org/

or contact the Spring center direct on: 01452 725935