Attack on Longlevens Rugby Club in Gloucester


Graffiti removal in Gloucester, Gloucetershire


Graffiti Removal in Longlevens, Gloucester


Longlevens Rugby Club in Gloucester is a thriving Family rugby club that supports a huge range of teams.

From young people in the various age groups ranging from fro 7 to 18, Colts and even their own Mixed Abilities Rugby Team

When there are so many young people, vulnerable people and family’s around it’s important to keep that lovely family club vibe.

Unfortunately, Longlevens rugby Club was attacked with unwanted graffiti


The Director of SkyLine SoftWash (a specialist exterior building cleaning company), Alex or as most know him as Al, is a big part of the rugby club being both in the Mixed abilities team and rugby coach for the under 7s. Also, Al’s Daughter plays for the under 9s. being a family club having such grotesque graffiti was not a good look for the club, it’s not something you want your little ones looking at. Also being next door to milestone school it was essential to get these areas looking clean again before It encouraged more anti-social behavior. The Club is a huge part of Longlevens it’s the beating heart of Longlevens community.

Graffiti can not only devalue property when it takes to hold it can spread! it’s important that once you have one graffiti tag you get rid of this hastily as it can bring future unwanted unsocial behavior to the area

Being a family club it was essential to nip this in the bud early So Al and his team at SkyLine SoftWash got on the phone to Anna the manager at the clubhouse offering their services free of charge to make the place look like new again.

Using the Proven DOFF Entegra and its 150-degree steam made short work of the unwanted graffiti on the walls at the club making them look like NEW!


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