Gravestone cleaning in Gloucester, Cheltenham & Stroud Gloucestershire


Although it’s a sad time when you lose a loved one it’s important that you keep their memory alive and have a special place to visit pass your respect and have those wonderful memories return.

Gravestones look wonderful when new but when left unattended they can start to look worn and decades of growth can make a gravestone unrecognizable

SkyLine SoftWash can clean all stone & marble gravestone surfaces removing infestations that have taken many decades to grow. These stone areas are not dirty they are infested with micro orgasms. BY using the DOFF and SoftWash means more sensitive and safe stone cleaning. All without causing damage to the gravestone

This Family Gravestone had a SoftWash treatment it was so infested with a fungus and mould that we didn’t even realize it was marble underneath all the grime.

What to expect from a Gravestone cleaning service

  • Lettering should really pop out after a SoftWash, it really makes reading easy
  • Flat memorials always weather more quickly due to grass cutting around them and also any plant life which helps spread alga and fungus onto the gravestone
  • Artificial or plastic flowers make a great long lasting lovely looking grave and work well with a Gravestone cleaning
  • Memorial stones that are very old can be deeply ingrained with fungus and thick layers of growth which can take time to treat and sanitize using SoftWash



If you would like to restore the look of your loved one’s stone call: 01452 301342

Sensitive Stone SoftWash with Care

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