Coughs and sneezes spread diseases

SoftWash Treatment of Wet Pour Playground in Cheltenham
SoftWash Treatment of Wet Pour Playground in Cheltenham, Also the wooden dragon fly had a SoftWash Treatment and came up great

There is a lot of fear being spread around with the corona virus outbreak. And the number 1 advice given is wash your Hands, catch your cough and bin your tissue. But have you ever thought about what is being spread around unknowingly on our playgrounds?

Little sticky hands, runny noses, fingers in mouths is all fun and games for little ones but also a big contender in spreading unwanted coughs, colds and many other unwanted germs. Wet pour rubber playgrounds, climbing frames fun slides can all be contenders for allowing these germs to spread,

By having a SoftWash treatment which not only cleanse but sanitizes playgrounds, your children are climbing and playing. SoftWash kills 99.9% of Bactria along with fungus, mould, algae which help keep safe the areas and minimise the spread of unwanted germs.

Some heavily traffic areas may contain more germs than others and some less so with trees or more natures surrounding may have more moss, or lichen build up. These areas may need more several applications of SoftWash to make sure the root of the problem has been treated.

Playground Cleaning sanitation and treatment are a big part of keeping our schools, playgrounds and parks safe for our baby’s, infants, kids and even adults.

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