Roof Cleaning in Longford Lane, Longlevens, Gloucester

Roof Cleaning in Longford, Longlevens, GloucesterSkyLine SoftWash Were recently asked to De-Moss a roof on Longford Lane in Longlevens Gloucester

The Roof itself was infested with heavy moss, algae and lichen growths. By allowing these growths to form over time this had caused damage to the pointing, many of the tiles were broke or even missing also upon removing the moss some of the pointing had disappeared completely, most likely from moss ingress to the pointing, Moss absorbs water and when water freezes it expands by up to 9%.

By reoccurring movement the cement mortar and tiles start to crack and over time can cause extensive damage to your roof.

SkyLine SoftWash Specialise in roof cleaning in Gloucestershire

  • SoftWash Authorised (Safe use of chemicals)
  • Stone Health Approved (Safe use of Lo pressure steam)
  • Safe Contrctor Accredited (working within Health & Saftey )
  • IPAF Licenced (drive cherry pickers/MEWPS)
  • PASMA Licenced (can errect scaffold towers)
  • Working at Heights trained
  • Good Stewards member (responsible cleaning methods)

When having a new home or even a new roof fitted its almost better proactively treating your roof ith an anti-fungus solution or SoftWash treatment to proactively pre-treat the problem before it starts.

Prevention is better than cure in many cases, by having a proactive roof SoftWash treatment will keep your roof moss free for at least 3-5 years minimum. Meaning that your gutters will be moss free and less likely to get clogged up from debris on the roof. Also you can be sure that your patio and driveway will be better maintained as you won’t have any moss falling from your roof as your roof will stay moss free.

Unfortunately the roof in Longford lane, Longlevens had many years of growth, damage had already occurred. Our Team carefully started the De-moss process scrapers and then followed with a SoftWash treatment to protect the roof further from rapid regrowth of micro-organisms. Also any loose or damaged tiles were replaced and the pointing was refreshed.

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