Is pressure washing the answer?

Pressure washing has been the industry standard cleaning solution for many years when cleaning the exterior of homes and businesses throughout the UK from Roofs, to Render and Patios, to Garden ornaments.

When your home starts to accumulate mould and becomes immersed in algae, first that comes to mind is to dust off the old pressure washer from the shed.

Is this the correct initial step to eliminating the mould?

What is common knowledge to be a mould killer?

We might spot mould on the bathroom ceiling or bedroom wall. What causes this?

Notice something here; create mould, mildew and algae form from dampness and moisture. Whats the first thing we reach for thing we reach for when dealing with these delicate areas?

The smell reminds us of swimming pools, and promises to kill 99.9% of bacteria. Have you guessed yet?

Bleach! (AKA Sodium Hypochlorite)

Bleach had been used for centuries and is great for killing moulds, mildews and algae and cleaning surfaces. It’s the number one chemical.

Algae and mould growing building

Why continue to use harsh pressure washing on the exterior of your home?

If moisture is one of the factors that contribute in forming mould, why would you want to pressure wash the exterior of your home?

You’ll be adding more moisture and be deceived into thinking the mould or algae is being eliminated but in reality, all efforts will go into feeding the microorganisms!

Can I Pressure wash  my home?

Pressure washing is a BIG NO!

You will end up causing more damage than good, if you think pressure washing your roof is a good idea think again.

If you have cracked or damaged tiles or an old roof, this can cause a lot of damage, not to mention someone having to get up and walk all over the roof and if they arent trained, you can blow water up underneath the tiles causing water ingress.

What do you now know to be the main contributing factor in forming damp and mould? You guessed it, Water!

The Safe alternative!

Soft Washing is the safe alternative to pressure washing. When it comes to cleaning roofs and render cleaning you can do most of this from ground or gutter level and the majority of the time there is no need to step one foot on the roof. Keeping your roof tiles intact and leaving your render looking great.

SoftWash is the safe alternative to exterior cleaning.

Is Pressure washing suitable for some areas?  

Pressure washing can have its
advantages, when you have a thick layer of dirt and grime or even weed and moss
growing in block paving pressure washing can be ideal to start the process off.
But ideally once the pressure washing is complete it is best to apply a
SoftWash treatment to sanitize and kill any remaining spores, lichens, moss or

This will give you the very best

Other companies may try to tell
you that bleach is not great and biocides are the way forward, in these cases
these companies have been fed marketing by fear trying to imply that bleach is

They have not had the correct
training and have been miss sold products based on un – factual evidence

Lets remember nearly every
household in the uk has bleach in their home, you can buy bleach from the
supermarkets or local corner shop.

  • Bleach has been proven to work in cleaning and killing mould, mildew and fungus for 100s of years
  • Bleach (sodium hypochlorite)  is actually classed as a biocide in the UK under the safe waters act
  • Bleach once (Salt Water) turns back to salt water once neutralized.
  • Sodium hypochlorite is used in safe food production and preparation. It is added to water in amounts that are known to destroy germs that are associated with raw foods
  • Sodium hypochlorite is used in most water treatment systems in the US, Europe  and the UK have been using chlorine for disinfecting drinking water for nearly 100 years

SoftWash is the only thing that will give you proven instant results that last 4 – 6 times longer than pressure washing, using proven methods safely and using the correct techniques your property can look like new again

SkyLine SoftWash the safe Alternative to pressure washing. if you want to make your home look fantastic get in touch today we will show you some amazing results using safe & proven techniques

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