Render cleaning in Kingsway, Gloucester, Gloucestershire

The Kingsway estate in Gloucester commenced building over 10 years ago, they’re currently still building which is great for housing. However…

A lot of the buildings and homes in Kingsway, Gloucester have render on the exterior walls of the homes.

What does this mean for Kingsway residents with rendered homes?

When first built, rendered homes look lovely, but after many years of damp weather, micro-organisms start to grow. Moister feeds micro-organisms and helps them grow bigger and stronger.

Naturally spreading with the wind and rain from house to house, these tiny little micro-organisms are so small you cannot see with the naked eye until they start growing on your render.

You won’t see them to start with, but over many years of growth, if not treated,d will over time appear black, green or even at time red.. There literally trillions of microorganisms in our ecosystem.

Render is a porous material and is the perfect breeding ground for Algae, molds and lichens. Gloucester’s weather juts like the rest of the UK can be wet…

These algaes thrive on warm wet weather.

We were asked clean and treat the render at a property in Kingsway Gloucester, But we didn’t stop there.

The sandstone ledges were also thick with mould, the client had a leaky gutter dripping on her porch, above her door, which was bouncing back on to her render from the splash… These splashes contain more minerals, dirt, and water for even more microorganisms to grow. This area was particularly thick with mould and algae.

First, we fixed the gutter so the drip would no longer cause any problems.

Followed by clearing out all gutters then the SoftWash treatment of the render using a specialist  SoftWash System Blend & Rinse unit.

Once this was done, We DOFF  Steam cleaned the sandstone, making the property look like new.

Also, the lovely stone patio was in need of a makeover so we turned our attention to killing the lichen that had grown over many years, followed by a DOFF steam cleaning service. Leaving the property treated, sanitized and algae free.

Looking fantastic once again Algae free for years to come..

“The house now looks brand new”

“ The team at Skyline Softwash were nothing but professional from start to finish. It’s obvious they want to provide the best service and generally care that you’re happy with the finish.
The house now looks brand new!”  –  Claire Arrowsmith (Kingsway , Gloucester)


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