DOFF steam cleaning at Symonds Yat rock in the forest of Dean Gloucestershire

Have you ever Explored Symonds Yat Rock?

Symonds yat rock is beautiful nature spot with inspiring views over the forest of dean and wye valleys.

the ancient hill fort, spot birds of prey and enjoy a snack from the log cabin cafe.

There are waymarked trails linking to the Forest Holidays campsite, to the River Wye and a choice of circular walks into the forest itself.

The log cabin café is situated before the viewpoint surrounded by, As you can imagine lots of trees and nature

That being said it was only a matter of time before microorganisms started to attack the wooden log cabin café.

Due to the nature of the area, it was decided to minimize the use of chemicals After a few test areas the DOFF Integra seemed the perfect choice for cleaning the log cabin café.

The DOFF uses a very low water volume so there was less chance of water ingress and 150-degree heat which helped kill any spores along with any mold algae and moss. Leaving the area sanitized and cleaner for longer.

After Doff steam cleaning the log cabin café, Also to follow a final wood treatment using Wood Restore an Anti-fungal treatment which conditions the wood and adds a UV protective layer to the wood to achieve longer lasting results



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