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Large render buildings really do suffer from the UK weather, The wind and the rain can batter such large building’s which help micro-organisms spread like wildfire.

When you have a new fresh building surrounded by other building that is dirty and covered in Green Algae?  it’s only a matter of time until the micro-organisms spread and get blow onto the surface of the render and take hold..

When left un-treated once algae start to grow the tiny little holes in the render and the warmth from the building along with the moisture from nature and the wind, rain spreading this fungus and bacteria around at an alarming rate.

Before you know it when left untreated the render on your building can really start to suffer.

Looking tired and green with algae and dirt.



Fungus and Bactria are not just an aesthetics issue, these micro-organisms are decomposing your surfaces at an alarming rate.

When SkyLine SoftWash were asked to come along and SoftWash the Render in Brockworth Gloucester it was time to make the building appear fresh and clean once again. Sanitizing all the surfaces with Our SoftWash System using Green Wash a Biocide with the Power of SoftWash we made this property look great once again.

Due to health and safety, It required that the job was done on the weekend whilst the staff were not around which meant maneuvering the MEWP “Cherry Picker” much easier.

When finished the Render looked brilliant. (see pics below)


When you have a large building and you want it to look like NEW.

Look no further with proven results SkyLine SoftWash have you covered!


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