Exterior stone cleaning specialist in Cheltenham

Are you in need of an exterior stone cleaning specialist in Cheltenham?

Cheltenham is probably one of the most complete Regency towns in England and historically the original and most fashionable spa in the Cotswolds & Gloucestershire.

Many of the buildings are vast and sculpted with many different building materials such as stone, render and even copper.  These areas need stone cleaning specialist to obtain the best results.

SkyLine SoftWash recently cleaned the stone at possibly the finest home in Cheltenham – a multi-award winning classical villa, set in private grounds close to the town centre.

Regency homes like this require specialist knowledge and treatment!

So how do you clean stone walls without causing damage?

The correct procedures and methods should be used to give the best results especially when cleaning such lovely stone work.

The DOFF Steam Integra is best suited for cleaning stone with its low pressure and high heat can penetrate and kill the most deepest spores and mould within the stone.

Leave your pressure washer in the garage and save it for your block paving or patio cleaning. When it comes to stone wall cleaning you need to treat this with heat and sensitivity, A SoftWash System is ideal for gently cleaning most stone work by applying the correct chemical blend in a safe way treating and sanitizing the surface killing any unwanted spores and eradication of stains.

The last thing you want to do is cause damage with high pressure washing this will just give the growth a haircut and feed the mould further with just cold water. The beauty of the DOFF machine is that it uses high heat 150 degrees to kill the spores within the stone and uses low pressure and low water volume to minimise the corrosive effects and damage a pressure washer could cause. Also by Using a SoftWash System you can chemically clean & Kill any remaining unwanted infestations giving longer protection of the stone.

Specialist stone cleaning at 45 the park in Cheltenham

The regency villa at 45 the park was vast, the chimney and stone pillars were covered in growth that needed carful and sensitive cleaning techniques

High level stone wall cleaning using MEWP and DOFF in Cheltenham

Picture from a MEWP looking down at the SkyLine SoftWash van, Doff steam cleaning from MEWP SkyLine SoftWash van in background

Even though the villa was only 2 stories high due to the structure at the roof line was more of a similar size to a 4 story property.

The Access to the roof line was something that needed carful thinking about. Scaffolding at times can be time consuming, which can be obstructing for other trades that maybe working onsite possibly setting back the project further and have a knock on effect move in date for the client.

It can take up to a week just to fit scaffolding alone so the Best solution was to use a MEWP (Mobile elevation work platform) Hired from ermin plant.

The MEWP was sufficient enough to reach the tops of the chimneys that had heavy fungus growth attacking the surface of the stone. By Using the MEWP we were able to DOFF steam clean the stone work from the top down followed by a SoftWash Treatment.


When Hiring MEWPS (Cherry Pickers) it’s worth thinking about the ground under foot that it will be working on , Things such as block paving can be moved from the sheer weight of the MEWP, Also things such as drains and floor man hole covers can be dislodged and even tip the MEWP. If you Tip a MEWP this can not only cause injury to the operator but also any of the public of other workers. You can also be given a fine if an operator was not trained to operate the MEWP or if an accident does occur…

It’s important to speak to a professional to see what size would be suited for your project. Occasionally a MEWP may not be suitable and instead as an alternative option such as Scaffold tower maybe best suited to reach higher wall cleaning projects. (PASMA training and IPAF training is essential for safe erection of scaffold towers and Operation of MEWPS.

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