Frequently asked Questions

How do I pay?
The most popular way of paying is our safe online payment system Go-Cardless which you can sign up to. Most of our clients pay through this as its much easier than having to deal with cash.

What if I’m not home when you come?
Most of our clients are usually out at work when we visit so we will send you a text the day before your windows will be cleaned, So this will remind you when your windows are due, If you can leave your gate unlocked so we can access the back of the property that’s great!, If you do forget the gate don’t worry we will still clean the front of your house so the front will still look great and only charge half the price.


Will you dry off my windows after cleaning them?

The best and safest way of cleaning windows is the modern pure water, water fed pole window cleaning method, its follows the working from heights regulations and keeps within health and safety law. The Pure water we use will dry spot free. So, weather its raining or sunny your windows will be left wet but will dry clear naturally spot free. If you have any problems please get in touch and we will offer you a return FREE visit.


What if its raining?
It’s a common misconception that rain will make your windows dirty, in fact this is not the case, Rain actually helps the cleaning process and speeds it up, many window cleaners actually harvest rain water to clean windows with as its very pure similar to the Pure Water we make for window cleaning. Also, we offer a 48-hour rain guarantee so if you’re not happy with the results after we have been just send an email to and we will return FREE of charge to re-clean your windows.

Are there any guarantees?
Absolutely YES! If you’re not happy with the results at your property, please get in touch within 48 hours. We will come rushing back ASAP to rectify anything that you’re not happy with. If your still not satisfied we will give 100% of your money back for that visit.


Does this in include my conservatory?

When have a window cleaning service the surrounds of the conservatory windows become part of the ongoing window cleaning visit, However we do offer a Conservatory valet which comes as a separate price, Many people opt to have this during spring and summer months ready for the outdoor BBQ summer seasons spent in the garden. The Conservatory valet is generally priced using how ever many panels of glass or plastic you have on the roof of the conservatory and includes the cleaning of the gutters, Plastics decorative areas, Roof and the surrounds and is often given the a good soap and wash down.


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