How do you get rid of Black spots on your patio?

Patio and driveway cleaning is often complete using a pressure washer, Occasionally many people find that just pressure washing alone will not get rid of the black spots. Black spots come in many different shapes and sizes and even different colours. Yes that’s right their not all black, Quite often you can have white, yellow or even red mould growing on the surface of your patio on your driveway.

Patio Black Spot Removal treatment in Horsley Stroud
Patio Black Spot Removal treatment in Horsley Stroud

Where do Black spots come from?

Black spot believe it or not is a form of mould, Algae and or a fungus. You often get these spores growing on the inside of your house walls if ventilation isn’t great or there is damp. These Black spots or lichens also grow out doors and have done for thousands of years on cliff faces and rocks. They build up and colonise on the surface or your patios, Driveways they even grow on your roof and the exterior walls of your house. These fungi’s grow everywhere and are in our atmosphere ready and waiting to land somewhere and take root. Our patios and driveways are the perfect place for them to settle. Rain water lands on your patio which helps feed the fungus and quite often does not get noticed until its to late.


Why do they grow on my patio?

Have you ever noticed that these growths are worse in some places than others. This is usually down to the amount of water, light or nutrients from other plant life they are getting from nature. Quite often if you park your car on your driveway you will get a nice dry patch underneath your car preventing the fungus from getting water so they struggle to grow in these areas. Fungus needs, light and water to grow without these things you will more than likely have fungus free area.


3 Top Tips on how to remove Black Spots!

Black spot treatment in Horsley Stroud
Black spot treatment in Horsley Stroud
  • No need for pressure washing
  • Black spot needs a treatment
  • Treat over clean


Pressure washing patios

Pressure washing patios is great for taking the top layer of muck off your patio or driveway but doesn’t really help in the long term. These black spots have colonised and as you know they require water to multiply and grow. By pressure washing your patio or drive your juts give it a hair cut spreading the fungus about then feeding it with water to allow it to rapidly regrow


Black spot Treatment

To get rid of black spot in needs to be treated with Sodium hypochlorite AKA Bleach. Bleach kills he root of the fugus and at the same time cleans the surface of the patio or driveway. Its important to know what you are doing when using SH (sodium hypochlorite) this can be a very dangerous product if used in the wrong way. Dangerous gases can be released if mixed with the working surfactants or chemicals so its important that you use someone who is Authorised to use this specialist product.  Many contractors use any old chemical and mix products they should not be putting both themselves and their clients at risk.


Treat Over Clean

Black Spot Patio Treatment in Stroud
Black Spot Patio Treatment in Stroud

Patio cleaning or patio treatment? That is the question, well its best to do both but treatment is a must if you want fantastic results. Just cleaning an area with a pressure washer just won’t do the trick and you will be disappointed with your efforts and results. SkyLine SoftWash wash use Safe proven methods to clean patios and driveways throughout Gloucestershire. We have been through the SoftWash Systems Authorised professional training which enables us to clean, treat and sanitised your patios and driveway in the safest possible way whilst giving you the best possible results.



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