Graffiti removal at St George’s Church, Redditch in Birmingham Using the DOFF steam system!


Graffiti attacks are common throughout the UK, Some see it as an artistic expression while many view graffiti as an anti-social eyesore — but what is the law surrounding it?

From Gang signs to political rally artwork to expressionism and even Banksy Art Graffiti come in many different forms.

Under the Criminal Damage Act 1971, anyone caught doing graffiti can face a prison sentence of up to ten years or fined if the damage costs more than £5,000

Graffiti can not only devalue property when it takes to hold it can spread! it’s important that once you have one graffiti tag you get rid of this hastily as it can bring future unwanted unsocial behaviour to the area.

Graffiti attack on St Georges Church in Redditch Birmingham

Unfortunately, on this occasion SkyLine, SoftWash were called in to clean up the illegal graffiti on St Georges Church in Redditch Birmingham, The Graffiti was obviously not in the good spirit of Art.

On old Stones 100s of years old, they need sensitive care. Previously another contractor attempted to remove the graffiti with a pressure washer with no such luck they had to call in the professional graffiti removal team at SkyLine SoftWash.

Using Specialist Graffiti removal techniques and equipment, the areas were gently steam cleaned using the DOFF Integra, Using the leading, recommended tool for cleaning heritage buildings, low-pressure 150-degree heat.

Our fully trained operatives made the job look easy! Whilst keeping the building intact and preserve the building structure without causing damage to the substrate.

Are there places to legally do graffiti in Birmingham?

Illegal graffiti is usually seen as something that should be removed but in the case of the anonymous street artist Banksy, it is a work of art that must be preserved.

Many councils have set up devoted areas or so-called “free walls” for graffiti artists to use without fear of punishment.

Anyone hoping to find a free wall in their area visit https://legal-walls.net/ to find your closest FREE graffiti wall to leave your artist.


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Graffiti attack on ST Georges Church in Redditch Birmingham Before and After pictures