How do you clean a roof?

When you notice that your roof is covered in moss you know it maybe time to clean it But How? Roofs are high up and awkward to work on. Especially if you don’t have a head for heights.

Prevention is always better than cure, however if your roof is now covered and your reading this article well then It to late to prevent the moss from coming in the first place.

Over time roofs can become infested with micro-organisms eating away at your roof. Many people ask

Where does roof moss come from?

Well over time the wind, rain and weather cycles blow nature onto our roofs. Microorganism colonise on the surface, when it rains the water feeds these growths much like when you water a plant it grows.

Without water or sunlight these grows would not grow. So you see just like plants or even weeds you can pull out the weed but it will always come back unless treated with a weed killer. Much like moss, Algae and lichen growing on your roof they need to be treated not just cleaned.

So how can I clean my own roof?

Many people believe pressure washing a roof is a good way to clean a roof. Well yes pressure washing roofs is a good way to make the roof look clean however before you take to the pressure washer you have a few things to think about beforehand.

  • Broken tiles & water getting in
  • Safe roof access
  • Falling from height


I have seen people DIY and pressure wash their roof with no safety what so ever walking around on a slippery wet surface over 2 stories high with a high powered power washer is an accident waiting to happen.. You need to clean your roof in the safest way. Is pressure washing really the answer? Well remember we earlier spoke about cleaning and treatment and the two different methods!.

Pressure washing a roof will only make the roof appear clean, it will not kill the root of the moss, pressure washing is not a treatment. In fact power washing helps the moss and algae recolonise Quicker as pressure washing uses mass amounts of water! Have you connected the dots yet?

Water feeds micro-organisms growing on your roof! Pressure washing just gives it a hair cut and tidy’s it up. But remember if you want to pressure wash your roof do so in a safe manner and watch out for broken tiles as pressure washer are renowned for causing damage to roof let alone the water ingress they can cause.. I would personally never pressure wash a roof. But hey its your roof its up to you how much time or money you want to invest un getting a clean roof. Remember pressure washing can cause lots of damage so think twice about pressure washing your roof.

So what are the other options for roof cleaning?

Roof De-moss using scraping

Another well known way of removing moss from a roof is scraping using a wire brush or scraper, this is a very effective way or instantly removing moss from a roof. However, you again need to think about a few things. Such as roof safety and access. You will need a few different tools such as a roof ladder and safety harness to make sure if you are on a roof you are as safe as you can be. Remember roof de-moss using scraping removes the bulk of the moss but does not kill the root so it will start to grow back within a year or so

PPE & Safety tips for roof scraping

Roof cleaning, Moss removal , SoftWash treatment and sanitation in the forest of dean , Gloucestershire


  • Hard hat and harness
  • Roof scraper
  • Professional Roof ladder
  • Rope Grab
  • Roof access such as a scaffold tower or cherry picker
  • Never step on a fragile roof
  • Always clean a roof on a dry day
  • Never put yourself or others at risk or you could be liable
  • Ladder Stand Off


SoftWash Roof Treatments

SoftWash is the Alternative to pressure washing which uses chemicals to treat the the roof killing the root of the moss.. The beauty of using a SoftWash System to clean a roof 3 main benefits

  • Chemicals kill the root of the problem SoftWash is a treatment
  • No need to get on a roof or risk of falling from height
  • No damage from high pressure roof cleaning

We have cleaned many roofs through out Gloucestershire and the surrounding counties, Never have we used a pressure washer to clean a roof and never will, Although we see other companies advising and using pressure washers on roofs SkyLine SoftWash offer the safe alternative to pressure washing. Our SoftWash System uses the latest up to date safe chemicals to clean, sanitise and disinfect roofs not only cleaning but also treating the root of the problem. We offer a 5 year moss free warrantee or your money back


If you would like any more safety tips or free advice for roof cleaning in Gloucester , Cheltenham or the surrounding areas don’t hesitate to get in touch

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