K-rend Treatment in Mangotsfield, Bristol

K-Rend Treatment is not that common however it really does need to be. K-rend amongst other renders are perfect breeding spaces for trillions of micro-organisms to colonise and grow on the surface of the render. K-render is porous so makes the ideal living space for fungus, mould, algae.
Over a short space of time render and k-rend can start to look really dirty. So How do you clean it??

The answer is you don’t clean it.. If you had weeds growing in the garden would yo go and just clean them and think that would kill them? I guessing not.. Weeds are very much like the algae and fungus growing on your K-render in Bristol. Cleaning render is not the answer.

Its important to know what to do about keeping your render looking clean and killing what’s growing on the surface. Many people think that pressure washing render is a good idea. Let me stop you there. The amount of DIY pressure washing render cleaning that people have tried and failed leaving pressure washer marks and indents in their lovely render. Leave those pressure washers in your garage folks, save them for washing your car once a week. Pressure washing is a BIG NO NO!!

Do NOT!! Pressure wash your render. If you do you will blast away the surface and causing your render to break apart.

Pressure washing render, K-Rend SoftWash Treatment (1)render cleaning in BristolPressure washing render, K-Rend SoftWash Treatment (2)
So we have now told you what not to do.. Did you notice something?? The word killing!! Yes that’s right Kill!

Think of the fungus growing on your render the same as the mould that can sometimes grow on the inside of you house! 99% or people will reach for the bottle that says 99.9% kills. Well let me tell you! They are onto something yes it kills mould, algae and fungus which also helps clean the surface but more importantly kills the root of the problem.
So the answer is kill what is growing on your render and it needs some sort of treatment to do so! Now your little pump sprayer is not going to do the job, even if you tired how many bottles would you need? How are you going to get to the apex near the roof? Do you have a big ladder?? Do you have a head for heights??
Many of us think of our health and safety first!! Yes, that’s right is it worth you DIYing a K-Render treatment up a wobbly ladder with a little sprayer pump?? I can’t see it can you??

K-rend requires specialist care and if you care about your property you will want do do things in a safe way, keeping bot your feet firmly on the ground. SkyLine SoftWash have the perfect tool for the job, a SoftWash Treatment. SoftWash is the safe alternative to pressure washing that offers a K-Render Treatment that not only cleans and treats the surface but also sanitises it!

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