Are your patios and driveways infested with fungus?

Mould,  Spores, Algae, Lichens are just some of the micro-organism that is living, multiplying and feeding on your paths, patios, and driveways!

These areas appear dirty but they are not,  your driveway and patios are literally infested with trillions of tiny bacteria.

You may think it’s a good idea to search on google “Pressure washing near me” But did you know pressure washing is not the answer

Pressure washing only gives the mould a haircut and does not kill the root of the problem. Pressure washing water will feed the algae growing on your patio and in a few months’ time will grow back, Pressure washing, in fact, spreads these spores around transferring them to different surfaces so they can grow and multiply there too!


Pressure Washing

Pressure washing companies use many different types of driveway cleaning equipment

Things such as turbo nozzles which can blast your nice driveway to pieces and cause lots of damage to your lovely patio.

Many pressure washing business do not use the correct driveway cleaning equipment.


Is SoftWash the answer?

A SoftWash System can treat your patio and driveway killing the fungus, Algae, and lichens, However for a truly unique patio cleaning service in Gloucester  SkyLine SoftWash utilize  the latest in SoftWash and DOFF steam cleaning technology

DOFF is, in fact, a stone health product which is recommended by English heritage for the gentle but yet powerful cleaning on listed buildings & Heritage sites. Many of these older buildings need to be really looked after and taken care of the DOFF is  A Low-pressure super-heated fungus killing machine that is super soft but yet at the same time so fantastic at cleaning delicate areas.

SkyLine SoftWash offers advanced Patio cleaning services in Gloucester and also use specialist Driveway cleaning equipment too. Other pressure washing business would say we go too far in cleaning these areas!  Why would you use DOFF? to clean a driveway? the reason for us is simple!  DOFF will give you the most phenomenal results you can achieve safely without making the mess a pressure washer can make. Also, the DOFF is very gentle so will not cause damage a pressure washer can cause.

If you need Driveway cleaning in Gloucester, Cheltenham or Stroud you will be amazed at the results that can be achieved, By treating and sanitizing with the SoftWash System followed by a DOFF steam cleaning service your patios will look brand new!

SkyLine SoftWash recently were asked to clean the patio and driveway in Hucclecote Gloucester, This lovely couple was truly amazed at the results that were achieved.

The driveway and patio cleaning services SkyLine SoftWash can offer include:

  • Natural stone cleaning DOFF steam cleaning
  • Patio cleaning
  • Driveway cleaning 
  • Block paving cleaning 
  • SoftWash Sanitation and treatment 
  • Tarmac restoration
  • Imprinted concrete SoftWash

SkyLine SoftWash offer superior Driveway cleaning Gloucester, Cheltenham & Patio Cleaning in Stroud, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire  for a FREE demo get in touch


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