Stone Cleaning in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, DOFF & SoftWash


SkyLine SoftWash were asked to carry out Specialist Stone Cleaning in Cheltenham. As always by offering a FREE sample clean to see what sort or results DOFF steam cleaning and SoftWash can give is always best.

This allows you to see the kind of results you can obtain when cleaning stone.

Stone comes in many forms we live in a unique part of the world with many different types of stone ranging from Triassic rock – Sandstone and conglomerate, interbedded in the forest of dean to the great Oolite group – sandstone, limestone, and sandstone in the Cotswolds.

Stone comes in many shapes, sizes, and density levels and this needs to be considered when having a Stone cleaning service in Gloucestershire

Cotswold Limestones, perhaps the only one to reach the national markets. It has been used since the Roman period, and widely exported since medieval times to various abbeys, cathedrals and other notable buildings. Stone is useful for many different things such as paving in Tewkesbury and Gloucester Abbeys and at Windsor Castle. Used in conjunction with Minchinhampton Weatherstone, it creates some of Gloucestershire’s best table-top tombstones, for example, those in Elmore and Painswick churchyards and Pittville Pump Room

Many soft stones cannot cope with high pressure or sandblasting, as a result, can cause damage to the stone such as pitting and wearing away from the corrosive abrasion of the cleaning methods used.

DOFF is a steam based stone cleaning system. It’s unlike any other steam system and can achieve temperatures of up to 150°C at the nozzle end – making it a ‘superheated water system’. The operator is able to vary the temperature and pressure to remove many different types of paint and biological matter.

SkyLine SoftWash offers an alternative to sandblasting and pressure washing using the DOFF steam Integra system which is English heritage approved for specialist stone cleaning in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

By using a mixture of DOFF steam cleaning and SoftWash achieving phenomenal proven results in a sensitive way. Giving you the highest cleaning results without all the mess and damage sandblasting or pressure washing can cause. Saving you money from damage repairs.

DOFF steam cleaning & SoftWash is the Easiest, Environmentally responsible, Safe way to clean stone! Make your stone look like NEW!

SkyLine SoftWash Have you Covered:

  • Stone Health Rossette DOFF Approved
  • Safe Contractor accredited
  • SoftWash Authorised
  • IPAF/PAZMA Licenced (Cherry picker/scaffold tower licensed)

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Specialist Stone Cleaning Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

DOFF steam 150-degree super-heated water system is highly effective for gentle cleaning and restoration of all historical or conservation projects. The cleaning of Limestone, Bath stone, York stone, Portland stone, sandstone and cleaning of all masonry brick cleaning. SkyLine SoftWash can clean all stone and brick surfaces removing infestations that have taken many decades to grow. These stone areas are not dirty they are infested with micro orgasms. BY using the DOFF and SoftWash means more sensitive and safe stone cleaning. All without causing damage to the substrate.

DOFF and SoftWash is ideal for?

  • To safely remove and kill fungus, microorganisms such as Algae, miss, and fungi
  • Cleaning all stone including marble gravestone cleaning
  • Paint coatings (most oil and plastic types)
  • Wax coatings
  • Bitumen, Oils & Grease
  • Restoring masonry and brick cleaning
  • bird fouling
  • Remove light calcium staining
  • Roof SoftWash & Moss removal treatments
  • Graffiti removal
  • Fire damage residues
  • Cleaning all metals including aluminum
  • Roof cleaning
  • Commercial cladding cleaning

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