Patio Cleaning in Painswick followed by Bradstone wall cleaning

When you need your patio cleaning in Painswick whether you live in the home of your dreams or you’re a first time buyer, your  bradstone paving, walling and masonry  home walls and patios come in all shapes and sizes, It’s important to keep your home looking sparkling to keep it well maintained and in good condition.

Failure to maintain your house walls or patio areas can result in damage to the pointing, Micro orgasms can take hold and start to eat at the surface of the bradstone or patio areas. Causing expensive repairs later on down the line.

By having your home walls cleaned and treated on a regular basis keeps your home looking fresh ready for your visitors as well as maintaining a good health home.

Mould, Algae and other fungus growing on the surface can cause health problems and under foot when wet can be slippery which can cause slips, trips and falls, which can be especially hard on the elderly if they fall they can really suffer!.

Its important to look after your loved ones and maintain a healthy property and keep safety in mind especially if you have slippery slime under foot growing on your patio areas.

Sarah from Wick Street in Painswick had this problem and was concerned about her patio becoming slippery. It was heavily infested with black mould, Algae and fungus. Living literally in the middle of the woods this is something that cannot be avoided as micro orgasms are growing on trees, bushes and are even in the air around you, They come from nature and spread to your walls and patio areas.

Controlling and killing the fungus via a SoftWash Treatment is a must!, By having a regular annual SoftWash treatment to your house walls and patio areas will keep the FUNK at bay. If you live in a natural beautiful area and want to keep your stones walls, Patio and steps from becoming hazardous its worth thinking about SoftWash

SoftWash is the alternative to pressure washing, While Pressure washing is great for blasting dirt essentially your just giving the surface a haircut it does not kill the root of the fungus and it will continue to grow stronger and spread further with rapid regrowth of more fungus. Essentially by pressure washing you just mask the mould and the water you have juts blasted it with helps feed the fungus further. Also pressure washing can cause damage to pointing so is only best to be used on things such as Block paving, concreate or slaps with little or no pointing.

Summery to Kill the FUNK! (mould, algae, fungus, lichens)


  • Use a Fungus Treatment to kill the root of the fungus on your patios or walls
  • Use heat (DOFF steam cleaning to kill Fungus
  • Use PPE (personal protective equipment when handling chemicals)
  • Make your pets safe (keep pets indoors and neutralise any chemicals used)
  • Make your plants safe using tarps and give plenty of water before and after treatment  (whatever your spraying no matter how eco-friendly the product states it is, it is designed to kill micro-orgasms essentially the same as a plant, it will kill plants)
  • Always read the label and follow guidelines


  • Pressure wash the area and think that the job is done
  • Never Spray chemicals on plants or near pond life
  • Never mix chemicals unless using a specialist designed SoftWash System to blend safe chemicals
  • Never use chemicals if you’re not 100% sure your using the correct product
  • Never use a tool to spray chemicals unless it is designed to do so
  • Never use any products without reading the label or using PPE (Always stay safe)

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