Pressure Washing in Cheltenham

Pressure washing in cheltenham carried out by SkyLine SoftWash. Mr John Lane from Cheltenham, Johns driveway had around 50 years of fungus growing on the surface of his driveway and footpath, Due to the wet weather this made Johns drive very slippery underfoot. Also John’s wheel chair

Wheels struggled to grip the drive in the wet as the drive way was on a steep slope in some areas.

The slippery Fungus had caused Mr Lane much hassle and problems that he no longer could put up with. Pressure Washing Cheltenham

Mr Lane took it upon himself to find the solution so gave SkyLine SoftWash a call! Our team made Mr Lanes driveway cleaning a high priority due to the nature of being so slippery and dangers.

Within a few days all of john’s foot paths and driveway were pressure washed in Cheltenham and were followed up with a SoftWash treatment to make sure all fungus had been killed so it did not re-grow.

Pressure washing alone will only give the fungus a haircut generally leaving spores and mould to rapidly re-grow so it’s always best to apply a SoftWash treatment after pressure washing in Cheltenham

if you want longer lasting cleaner pressure washing results in Cheltenham
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SoftWash last 4-6 times longer than pressure washing alone
If you’re looking for a pressure washing company in the Gloucester area then look no further than Skyline Softwash. They’ve just removed around 50 years worth of grime and fungus from my driveway & paths, leaving them looking just like they did when the house was built!

 I’m very impressed by the company, they did the work with a couple of days of contacting them, turned up on time and charged a very reasonable fee for the work