Render cleaning and treatment in Henley-on-Thames

Henley-on-Thames is a town and civil parish on the River Thames in Oxfordshire northeast of Reading, A lovely area of natural beauty with a strong history of rowing and beautiful buildings.

SkyLine SoftWash were asked to carry our works on a property that had staining from the surrounding works that had being carried out over the previous year or so. A build up of fungus and growth had start to cover the building from the surrounding trees and landscape areas.

Being surround by such dense trees and wildlife areas its was just a matter of time before the fungus took hold of this lovely building..

Over time these grows can take hold even start to cause damage to the substrate. Its an essential part of your property maintenance with buildings such as these to up-keep them and have an appropriate exterior cleaning maintenance plan in place.

SoftWash is the ideal solution for managing these natural grows on your building, keeping your property protected and in pristine condition.

If you’re ever struggling to find an authorised and safe contractor to carry out render cleaning works for you in a safe way. Then SkyLine SoftWash are for you

When you use our service, you can be assured that your using the best!

  • SoftWash Authorised
  • Safe contractor accredited
  • DOFF approved operator
  • IPAF & PASMA certified
  • DBS Checked staff

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