Render cleaning in Arthur Bliss Gardens, The Park, Cheltenham GL502LN


SkyLine SoftWash were called to a property in Arthur Bliss Gardens, The Park, Cheltenham GL502LN.

Many modern houses these days are coated with K-Rend, this type of render is the perfect type of render for micro-organisms to land and take hold. Leavening a once new looking home dark, dirty and un-loved.

Many modern estates have a mixture of both brick and rendered finished on the homes. Unfortunately if you have move into a property that has render or K-Rend this will become discoloured and in time will start to look unpleasant

If your home is starting to look a little un-loved it maybe time to invest in your home and get it back looking like new. You can achieve this by simply having a SoftWash Treatment.

What is SoftWash Treatment?

SoftWash is the safe alternative to pressure washing. You cannot use pressure washing on render as the substrate will become damaged and also often lead to poor results. A SoftWash Treatment uses chemicals to kill the fungus growing on the outside of your render leaving it not only clean but also disinfected and sanitised.

Pressure washing simply gives the fugus a hair cut but does not kill the root of the problem. You will only achieve positive results with a treatment which doesn’t cause the damage a pressure washer would..

If you would like a FREE sample clean on your render then get in touch.. Dave is out local render cleaning expert Cheltenham and will happily pop by and talk you through the process.

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