Render cleaning in Hardwick, Gloucester


Red algae growing on render is a big problem for many places in Gloucester, Stroud, and Cheltenham.

SkyLine SoftWash were called to Hardwick in Gloucester not too far from Stroud to clean red Algae from the render. If you’re not sure how to clean algae from render SkyLine SoftWash can help.

Red Algae growing on render can be an eyesore and can be very difficult to remove.

When you’re looking for ways to clean render its very hard to really know what’s best.

Some render companies recommend using a pressure washer, Pressure washers will cause serious damage to your render and will cause damp, Breaks, Cracks and costly repairs.

The red algae or Rhodophyta are one of the oldest groups of eukaryotic algae. The Rhodophyta also comprises one of the largest phyla of algae, containing over 7,000 currently recognized species, These are living breathing organisms and they need to be killed before they take root to your render.

K-rend is the ideal place for Algae, mould, and lichens to take hold and can come in trillions of forms..

Micro-organisms have been around for thousands of years on rocks, Structures and if left untreated these micro-organisms can take over your home causing long term damage.

Render cleaning SoftWash treatments and sanitation kills these Microorganisms leaving the render looking like NEW without causing damage. Many Renders including K-rend and monocouche render there is no need for paint.


Render Cleaning in Hardwick, Gloucester
Render Cleaning in Hardwick, Gloucester

SoftWash Render cleaning treatments in Gloucestershire 

Its important to have a render cleaning treatment every few years to keep these Algae and moulds at bay to maintain the appearance of your home and stop long term damage that can cause your home/building to decay.

Left untreated your render can be infested with these micro-organisms which can take over your home causing long term damage.


For a FREE demonstration SoftWash render cleaning in Cheltenham, Stroud, Gloucester Tewkesbury or the surrounding areas of Gloucestershire please get in touch on : 01452 301342