Render cleaning in Coopers Edge Gloucester, Followed by DOFF steam coping stone cleaning.


The coopers edge estate in Gloucester is a relatively new development, Building began in 2008 at the foot of Coopers Hill.

Many developments in the UK they all start with good intentions. But within 10 years algae is starting to take hold of most of the estate.

Coopers edge was set to be the Ultimate new community. Although Coopers edge, Gloucester is a great place to live. But appearances can let us down with dirty mouldy rendered buildings.

In its heyday coopers edge formed a part of the renowned Brockworth, Gloucester airfield, Demolished remnants of the former jet engine test site buildings and the runway was all that remained when work began developing the new Coopers Edge destination in 2008.

Coopers Edge is Ideally located just off Junction 11A of the M5 between the city of Gloucester and the much-visited Regency town of Cheltenham also just down the road from Stroud.


Why do people use K-rend on house walls?

Render is used as a cladding option. It is applied to the exterior of a home, much like plaster is applied to the interior walls. There are two reasons for applying render:

  • to protect the underlying walling material from the effects of weathering and rainwater penetration
  • to provide an attractive appearance to the house

What is render?

Render is used on external walls to seal them off to the elements, or to give a property a facelift. Early rendering was a messy business, slapped on the walls using sand and cement and finished with coloured paint. Over the years, rendering technology has evolved greatly, giving a much bigger choice of colours and finishes, and also enabling tailoring to specific environments.

What is K Rend?

K Rend render is a water-repellent, breathable solution – low maintenance and available in most colours. However, will need regular render cleaning treatments to prevent the build-up of growth. Ideally, a treatment every 3-5 years is ideal to maintain your property

What is the difference between K Rend and other render manufacturers?

K Rend traditionally manufactured traditional English thick coat renders, Over the years, various acrylic and silicone

Whilst K Rend also produces thin silicone renders

Both K Rend and other manufacturers now specify a flexible bead or mesh inserted into the base coat adhesive before the final layer of render is applied.


Cement render tends to be cheap in terms of materials, but a little more expensive on labour due to the numerous coats. It also has a tendency to crack if the underlying structure should move.

Cement renders require regular SoftWash treatments followed by repainting if they are to continue to look good.


Polymer renders are usually sold pre-mixed in bags with either white cement or lime as a base.

Polymer house rendering is less prone to cracking — they are often through-coloured too

They have polymers and other plastic-based products added to them to make the render less prone to cracking. Some of these types of render will need specialist cleaning techniques such as SoftWash and DOFF steam cleaning.


Acrylic renders are most often applied as a thin finish coat to seal and enhance the appearance or the underlying coat. They also bring colour and texture. Fibers are added to prevent cracking and give a durable, lasting finish.

some claim that when it rains, the silicone will allow rainwater to wash away any dirt.

However, it is important to keep an eye on things to make sure Algae does not appear as it may need a render cleaning treatment.


‘Monocouche’ (French for ‘single layer’ or ‘bed’ renders) are relative newcomers to the world of house rendering. These products originated in Europe, so many of the big names – Sto, Knauf, Marmorit, and Weber – are European.

Monocouche render is supplied in bags, ready for mixing with water. It can be applied by hand trowel or sprayed on.

It is important to note though that monocouche render systems will save you on labour costs and maintenance — there is no need for re-painting. SoftWash treatment works very well on these types of render.

Monocouche renders have additives which make them more flexible and help to eliminate cracking. They can even be ‘self-cleaning’.

Lime Render

Although lime plastering fell from favour for some years, having been the traditional method for house rendering in this country, there has been a re-emergence of interest recently.

Although lime-based plaster tends to be a little harder to apply than regular Portland cement – meaning it is more commonly used in renovation projects and for conservation work and English heritage sites or listed buildings.

Maintenance for Lime Render can be complex if it’s a listed building. English heritage will only recommend Low-Pressure Steam cleaning and specialist cleaning techniques.  You may need to speak to English heritage to see what is allowed on your building on this instance.

Does Render need painting?

Many Render & K-rend suppliers claim that the render that they supply is self-cleaning, However, just like many glass manufactures claiming that the glass is self-cleaning they are not. Its may help slow down the growth of render by having a waterproof coating however as you know these coatings do wear, so over time this will stop working and will need a top up render cleaning treatment.

Some Render do appear very dirty at times due to algae growth appearing in red, green and even black moulds.

K-rend is the ideal place for Algae, mould and lichens to take hold and can come in trillions of forms..

Micro-organisms have been around for thousands of years on rocks, Structures and if left untreated these micro-organisms can take over your home causing long term damage.

Render cleaning treatments and sanitation kills these Microorganisms leaving the render looking like NEW once again. Many Renders including K-rend and monocouche render there is no need for paint.

Its important to have a treatment every few years to keep your property in tip-top condition. Keeping Algae and moulds at bay to maintain the appearance of your home and stop long term damage that can cause your home/building to decay.

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