Roof Cleaning in Redmarley Gloucester, Gloucestershire


Roof Cleaning is becoming more and more popular in the UK, however many people are still unsure what to expect or what even to look for when hiring a roof cleaning company.


Their are many different styles of roof cleaning and it’s a real mine field out there. Roof cleaning is a specialised type of work and you really need to think carefully who you allow on your property when getting your roof cleaned.


What’s right for your roof?

  • Pressure washing
  • Scraping
  • SoftWash

Many buildings throughout the UK are covered in moss, Most likely if your roof is full of moss it likely to be an older building as thick moss takes many years of build-up. Also The thick layer of moss can be covering either damaged tiles or pointing which in turn can mean that your roof is a fragile roof. Which may not be suitable for roof ladders or safe roof access

When working on a fragile roof its not recommended that people go on a roof without proper safety. In many instance its not appropriate for anyone to use ladders or walk on a fragile roof as these can be dangerous areas and be a health and safety nightmare for both you and the roof cleaning company..


Don’t worry! There are other safer methods without having to put anyone on a roof.


Many professional roof cleaning company use a SoftWash System which treats and sanitises the surface of roof, killing the moss in the safest way without causing damage. These SoftWash Systems and chemicals used are specifically engineered to clean roofs in a safe way. On Many occasions cleaning a roof with a SoftWash system can be achieved form ground level or gutter level. Which means following health and safety for cleaning fragile roofs.

When working at greater heights this can be achieved using a cherry picker or MEWP (mobile elevation work platform)

By Having a SoftWash Treatment on your roof mean no high pressure washers that can cause even more damage to your roof especially if it’s a fragile and old roof..

Its much safer and effective with far superior results to have your roof Soft Washed, Soft Washing lasts 4-6 times long than pressure washing and doesn’t cause the damage a pressure washer can cause.


SkyLine SoftWash were asked to Treat this roof in redmarley, Being an older roof SoftWash was the pefrect solution for cleaning this particular older style of roof


After pic of roof cleaning in Redmarley, Gloucester, Gloucestershirebefore roof cleaning in Redmarley, Gloucester, Gloucestershire


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