Roof cleaning with a pressure washer in 2021 WHY?

Most people are well educated when it comes to cleaning roofs and know that pressure washing roofs is a BIG NO NO!

So why do so many exterior cleaning & even so called soft washing company’s still pressure wash roofs?

These companies know that pressure washing causes damage but they still do it, Many of these companies use clever marketing tactics to Win the job and then simply pressure wash the roof without the client ever knowing. I have witnessed this time and time again

How do they get away with it?

Many soft washing companies use key words to disguise the use of their pressure washers. Many will use the (key words used to disguise pressure washers)

  • Aqua Scraper (this is a pressure washer on a pole)
  • Mossinator (Pressure washer with an 8 inch disk on a pole)
  • surface cleaner (pressure washer with a 12 inch surface cleaner on a pole)
  • we will just lightly pre rinse” (usually a pressure washer with a turbo tip on a pole)

If a company is using any of these key words be warned they are using a pressure washer.!

Skyline SoftWash have tried and tested all above methods the findings were shocking.. we will tell you about these later on..

So why do they still use it? a clever business decision to save them money but at your cost.

Pros (good for them) Cons (not so good for you)

  • quick at removing moss
  • better instant visible results
  • Uses less chemicals saves the company money
  • More profit
  • They can go in a lower price as its cost them less to do


  •  Will Strip the fines from your roof
  • Can blast away pointing that’s was keeping your roof sealed
  • Can cause floods and water ingress into your roof space or house
  • Cause water damage internally on furniture, electrics and more!


Some skilled pressure washing companies can even avoid flooding your house if they have some experience.. However what they don’t realise is that any type of pressure washing on roof strip the fines off the surface of the roof which also makes it more susceptible to damage along with decreasing the life span significantly

pressure washing will make the tile more porous on your roof which will allow more water to get in. When it freezes the water will expand and over time damage will occur faster then if you left your roof alone completely.


pressure washing will give you instant kerb appeal but at what cost?

Wow you had your roof cleaned it looks great “Great job guys” you think in your head.. But do you realise your roof has just been damaged and you have paid for the privilege!  .. You will only see the after (nice clean roof) but what about the damage that it has caused.

SkyLine SoftWash use only traditional methods of removing the moss from the roof by hand. We also have a specialist bulk rinse system specifically design for safe roof cleaning. We follow this then with a SoftWash treatment that kills the root of the moss without causing damage to the tile

SkyLine SoftWash only use the safest methods for your roof and will promise never to use a pressure washer.. no matter what.


A SkyLine SoftWash Clean what can you expect

Roof Cleaning in Shipton Oliffe GL54 4JA

  • Roof scraped by hand
  • SoftWash Systems Chemicals
  • Bleach & Green Wash (biocide)
  • Plant protection / Plant Wash
  • Safe roof access
  • 5 year moss free warrantee
  • SoftWash Systems Authorised applicator
  • (trained in safe use of chemicals)
  • Safe Contractor accredited
  • Working from heights trained

If you would like a FREE survey of your property get in touch and we will send out one of our specialist roof cleaners to help you with any questions you have.


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