Safe Roof Access


All work on roofs is highly dangerous, even if a job only takes a few minutes.

One of the SkyLine SoftWash team scraping a roof using a scaffold tower


Proper precautions are needed to control the risk.

Those carrying out the work must be trained, competent and instructed in use of the precautions required. A ‘method statement’ is the common way to help manage work on roofs and communicate the precautions to those involved.

On business premises contractors should work closely with the client and agree arrangements for managing the work.


What you need to know

Everyone involved in managing or carrying out work on roofs should be aware of the following facts:

  • High risk: almost one in five deaths in construction work involve roof work. Some are specialist roofers, but many are just repairing and cleaning roofs.
  • Main causes: the main causes of death and injury are falling from roof edges or openings, through fragile roofs and through fragile rooflights.
  • Equipment and people: many accidents could be avoided if the most suitable equipment was used and those doing the work were given adequate information, instruction, training and supervision.

Safe access

Safe access to a roof requires careful planning, particularly where work progresses along the roof.

safe roof accsess in Painswick roof cleaning
Alex Scraping a roof in Painswick using roof ladder and harness

Typical methods to access roofs are:

  • general access scaffolds;
  • stair towers;
  • fixed or mobile scaffold towers;
  • mobile access equipment; (MEWP)
  • roof ladders and harness
  • roof access hatches.

You would be amazed at the risks i see people taking on a daily basis even in our day and age i have seen people on a roof without even so much as a roof ladder and harness in the pouring rain walking on a roof with zero safety in place. it only takes one bad step or slip and a fall from height can be fatal.  If you don’t want to put people at risk then make sure you hire a professional roof cleaning team.

Roof edges and openings

Falls from roof edges occur on both commercial and domestic projects and on new build and refurbishment jobs. Many deaths occur each year involving smaller builders working on the roof of domestic dwellings

  • Sloping roofs: sloping roofs require scaffolding to prevent people or materials falling from the edge. You must also fit edge protection to the eaves of any roof and on terraced properties to the rear as well as the front. Where work is of short duration (tasks measured in minutes), properly secured ladders to access the roof and proper roof ladders may be used.
  • Flat roofs: falls from flat roof edges can be prevented by simple edge protection arrangements – a secure double guardrail and toeboard around the edge.

Fragile surfaces

Always follow a safe system of work using a platform beneath the roof where possible. Work on or near fragile roof surfaces requires a combination of stagings, guard rails, fall restraint, fall arrest and safety nets slung beneath and close to the roof.

  • Fragile roofs: all roofs should be treated as fragile until a competent person has confirmed they are not. Do not trust any sheeted roof, whatever the material, to bear a the weight of a person. This includes the roof ridge and purlins.
  • Fragile rooflights are a particular hazard. Some are difficult to see in certain light conditions and others may be hidden by paint. You must provide protection in these areas, either by using barriers or covers that are secured and labelled with a warning.


SkyLine SoftWash using a (MEWP) to DOFF steam some stone pillars in Cheltenham

SkyLine SoftWash only use the safest and most effective way of cleaning your roof without the need of damageing pressure washers!. When you choose a contractor to work on your roof make sure they have considered all safety aspects of the job ensuring that not only their staff are safe but also you as a home owner or property manager are putting you and your visitors safety first.


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