SoftWash & Steam Cleaning at the Old George Nailsworth, Gloucestershire


The Old George Nailsworth Has interesting heritage and history, Many years before most who will be reading this article the old George inn was a Coaching inn providing a resting point for people and horses. The inn served the needs of travellers, for food, drink, and rest, Later on in life it became known well for beer, sausage and chips.. over time the Old George became in bad state of disrepair and laid after standing empty for many years

exterior building cleaning in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire. Roof, render and exterioir cleaning in the Cotswolds

It was later demolished and rebuilt in the same style of the original building keeping with the older Cotswold stone look. The old George is a mighty building in the middle of Nailsworth town centre now with retail units and apartments, Many cafes such as Woodcock & Cavendish  also Red Hen  trading which the locals all seem to love! From Quality food, clothing to lovely and unusual little unique gifts

The Locals in Nailsworth are true to their roots and are truly lovely and very friendly people, Its refreshingly old but modern if that makes sense with a sense of history in the air and modern and old fashioned way of life blended into onea truley beautiful place in the heart of the Cotswolds.

Unfortunately the days of horse and cart are now gone and in its place are vans, cars and arctic lorry’s that trundle down the A46 between Stroud and Bath. These heavy Loads don’t just cause heavy pollution we all breathe, but also cause pollutants to land on the old stone making it look unsightly and old. That’s along with a mix of fungus, mould, algae and lichens the appearance of the building starts to suffer and over time the fungus causes damage to the surface of the building.

After around 20 years it was time to get SkyLine SoftWash to work their magic to conserve and restore the stone to its former glory, By Using the DOFF steam Integra the super-heated water system SkyLine SoftWash were able to remove the biological matter and general pollutants from the building. By Using the DOFF and SoftWash System the professional exterior building cleaning professional tools that means sensitive and care is of the upmost of important! Whilst obtaining fantastic results

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Some of the passers-by comments

Daniel Price

“I saw it happening, Amazing”


Ann Skipper

“all the traffic fumes from years all gone”


Nikki Churchill

“The building looks fantastic, you’ve brought the warm honey coloured Cotswold Stone”