Wet Pour Playground Sanitation & SoftWash Treatment in Cheltenham

SkyLine SoftWash was recently asked to carry out a Playground Sanitation in Cheltenham. As you can see from the pictures these play areas can get very dirty. This dirt is not actually dirt. Its an infestation of mold, moss, algae and all sorts of another fungus. It was truly fungelicious. After initial contact with the school in Cheltenham, it was apparent that the play area was causing problems. Due to the algae growth and mold it was becoming slippy not to mention the number of bacteria that would have been growing in the surface of the wet pour rubber playground.



Wetpour playgrounds are really colourfull when first installed they are a great safety feature for young people, children, and infants in junior schools and nurseries alike. These wet Pour surfaces are very porous for drainage reasons, This means its an ideal growing space for mold, Moss, Alges and lots of other bacteria. This can become a problem as these microorganisms start to grow they spread and take hold. Over time they can cause damage to the area not to mention the bacteria inside that young people, Students and teachers alike are breathing in.


It’s an important part of the maintenance of a rubber wet pour playground to have these areas cleaned and sanitized.

The most efficient way of cleaning a wet pour rubber floor is SoftWash. SoftWash cleans and sanitized the surface without causing damage like a pressure washer could do.


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