Does your render in Bath appear dirty? its NOT dirt! Its infested. SkyLine SoftWash offer a render cleaning treatment & sanitation in Bath, Somerset

Windsor Castle | Render cleaning in Bath

SkyLine SoftWash were asked to Clean Windsor Castle, in Bath yes there is a Windsor Castle in Bath and its not a Quite a Castle, However it is placed in a beautiful spot in Bath next to the valley of the River Avon, 11 miles south-east of Bristol. The city became a World Heritage site in 1987. Set next to an old iron bridge, Winsor castle is constructed with Render and Stone.

Bath is a beautiful city in the county of Somerset, England, known for its fantastic Roman-built baths with beautiful Bath Stone

Many of the buildings in Bath are so close to the water, Many of the buildings are mostly constructed with rendering which traps fungus. Render makes easy growing conditions for fungus, molds etc, Render encourages infestations to grow. Molds, Algae Lichens are a big problem for inner-city and rural buildings.

Fungus takes hold and grows rapidly in all sorts of areas. Making lovely looking buildings look old and dirty.

It’s not dirt on these rendered buildings it’s, in fact, an infestation of micro-organisms.

Cleaning render is an Art and you have to use the right equipment and products.



Cleaning Render in Bath


Many of the buildings in Bath are known for their Heritage and have much old stone and modern render buildings

The last thing you want to do is use a pressure washer on render as you will cause extreme damage, blasting renders with a pressure washer will Blast most of the render off your building.

You may think you need to clean your render as its looking dirty but in fact it’s not dirt, it’s a build-up of trillions of micro orgasms. You cannot clean these areas. They need SoftWash treatment and sanitation to kill the fungus at the root.

Render cleaning in Bristol, Bath or somerset is a specialist service that requires Time, Thought and Care.

If you have invested heavily in your building you wouldn’t want to cause more damage by using the wrong equipment or chemicals.

SkyLine SoftWash Use a Specialist SoftWash Systems Blend Rinse 100 that mixes the correct measurements safely that clean and treat render that are heavily infested with growth.

SkyLine SoftWash also use the DOFF Integra which can reach 150 degrease that will kill fungus using heat which is great for Stone cleaning and Brick Steaming and that can also be used and controlled using low temperatures light steam/rinse on the render




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