What to expect when you have your roof cleaned with a SoftWash System in Gloucester!


SkyLine SoftWash have over 10 year experience in exterior cleaning within the industry and have training in specialist lab tested in both proven equipment and chemicals that have been in the field for over 35 years! SkyLine SoftWash have been on the highest training in the world for SoftWashing and the cleaning, disinfecting and sanitising of roofs!


SoftWash is the safe alternative to pressure washing, Many in the industry use the term SoftWashing or softwash but time and time again regress back to pressure washing for cleaning the moss from roofs.

Pressure washing a roof is a fast easy way of clearing the moss from a roof , however in doing so can often lead to

Marshall Pro Scraper
Marshall Pro Scraper
  • Damaged and poor pointing
  • Flooding internally of the roof
  • Flooding into the house

“trust us we have tested these methods and it wasn’t pretty”

So what will you expect when you hire SkyLine SoftWash to clean your roof! SkyLine SoftWash generally will remove the moss by hand using a specialist roof cleaning scraper ( Marshall Pro Scraper) These scraper have been specially designed by a chap called Pete Marshall who came on the scene in 2018 his previous life was an F1 design and manufacturing… He brought these skills and knowledge and helped create the first ever roof scraper! This helped roof cleaners through out the UK increase the health and wellbeing by less working at height due to Pete’s new innovation!

What to expect when you have your roof cleaned with a SoftWash System in Gloucester! Gloucester
Picture of Marshall pro scraper in action
The scrapers are generally used on long poles and many roofs can be cleaned from ground level or from a scaffold tower.. or a roof ladder saving money of the use of big hire equipment and lifts..

Generally we aim to get around 90% of the moss off the roof and then apply the SoftWash Treatment. The SoftWash Treatment will kill any remaining loos moss in the cracks and crevices or that stubborn moss that wont quite scrape off.. Many people often opt just to have the roof treated without being scraped and allow the weather cycles to wash away any remaining moss over several months.. you will be intitled to have 12 months free gutter clearing after a Treatment and a 5 year moss free warrantee which is backed by SoftWash Systems

When your roof is being treated you will be asked to get any washing in and keep your pets and children inside to keep you safe. Whilst the treatment is being carried out it will smell a bit like a swimming pool. The reason for this is we use a SoftWash Blend system the mixes specific amounts of sodium hypochlorite, greenwash and water. These chemicals haven been lab tested and are safe to use on roofs to kill moss, algae and fungus.

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