Are you comparing apples and oranges?

If your reading this, you maybe thinking about getting your roof cleaned!

You may of done some research to try and find the best method for roof cleaning which give you the best results along with the most long lasting results for the investment into your property..

Your home is your BIGGEST investment and many people try to cut corners or save money by going with the cheapest company they can find!

If you wanted to take your partner for a meal as a special occasion would you take her to the nice fancy restaurant to wine and dine or go down to the local kebab shop and eat there?

If your thinking kebab shop well then SkyLine SoftWash may not be the right fit for you!

Have you ever heard the phrase , comparing apples and oranges?

Its used with reference to two things that are fundamentally different and therefore not suited to comparison.

When you are looking around for a roof cleaner try not to compare a SoftWash Systems Authorised company with one who is not. There is many company’s jumping on the roof cleaning bandwagon causing untold damage with poor result charging low prices.

SkyLine SoftWash have gone through

  1. Safe contractor’s accreditation for spraying chemicals and working on roofs
  2. Authorised SoftWash Systems training which takes 2 years to become “Authorised”
  3. Over 170 people have rated Skylines workmanship 5 stars on google (no other company in the UK has more!)

Although there are many other points to raise even if you only look at these 3 points and compare I’m sure no other company in the area will come close.. Don’t be fooled by comparing Apples with Oranges. SkyLine SoftWash can only give you the best and when you want to invest in your home! then SkyLine SoftWash are for you!

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