Are you still pressure washing your patio or Driveway?


Are you still pressure washing your patio or Driveway?

Your Driveway is the first thing people see as they walk up to your Home. Block Paving that is full of weeds, moss and algae is unsightly and creates a bad first impression.

Did you know pressure washing is now an old outdated way of cleaning patios and driveways which is not only messy but can be destroying your surfaces.!

Using high power pressure washers blasting away at the surface of your driveway or patio could not only damage your patio or driveway but actually be helping the fungus grow back thicker..

Its often a big expense and big chunk of your budget can go into having a nice patio or driveway, so its worth protecting that investment by keeping it clean and fungus free without causing the damage pressure washing can cause!

A good first impression of your property can add as much as 5 to 10% to the value of your home and really help to add value should you ever decide to sell your property. So cleaning your roof, driveway and patio not only improves the look but gives a great atmosphere for the BBQs and summer garden party’s!


The pros an cons Pressure washing v SoftWash Treatment



Pressure washing SoftWash Treatment

·        Great for deep cleans

·        Can cause damage to pointing and blast out sand from joints

(disturb the surface)

·        Will Take surfaces back to their bare minerals

·        Require extra work by builder to re-point / re-sand (fix the damage)

·        Heavy noisy machines

·        Fuel driven (uses fossil fuels)

·        Only gives the fungus a hair cut and will grow back thicker!

·        Extremely messy


·        Great for maintenance cleans

·        The safe alternative to pressure washing

·        Uses one third of the water pressure washing does

·        12-volt system run by a leisure battery

·        Environmentally reasonable

·        Doesn’t cause damage a pressure washer would!

·        Kills the fungus growing on the surface

·        Lasts 4/6 times longer than pressure washing!

·        Relatively quick easy process


Discover SoftWash the safe alternative to Pressure Washing!

SoftWash Treatment is a zero-pressure chemical application that kill 99.9% of the fungus growing on the surface of your patio or driveway. SoftWash uses a 12 volt battery system that was uniquely designed for blending sodium hypochlorite, Green wash and water to create the safe SoftWash Solution at the correct measurements to clean, disinfect and sanitise your surface!

Don’t just give your patio or driveway a haircut with pressure washing as thick algae to grow back! Have a once a year Soft Wash treatment that gives you phenomenal results but last 4/6 times longer than pressure washing without all the mess, noise and damage pressure washing can give!


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