Bums on Bikes, Rolling hills of Wales & England ALL in aid of the MS society


Every year we set out to raise vital funds to aid the MS society, every year we do this we are amazed at the true genuine support the MS have.

These incredible riders, some who even have MS themselves travel from the top of England to the bottom, I thought I was making an impact by riding a small 80-mile segment we managed to raise over £500 with your support which is fantastic.

The people we rode with were a true inspiration. They fundraise at least £1 per mile and on their rest days their not resting they’re going out supporting and helping people living with MS! Helping & supporting on their rest days.

I only did a small segment of around 82 miles and my legs were shafted.. These guys do this every day and in their spare time/rest days they go and help!! I am truly humbled and inspired by these superheroes! Champions of their own destiny they were in their element of helping others! That’s the joy of true happiness that many don’t find in their lifetimes.

These Lovely, friendly riders are truly inspiring, Many with their own incredible stories. One chap called Fanze even rode back to back both ways he is a 69-year-old beer drinking, cigar smoking young German!! His secret to life “ never take anything to serious” Also a chap I rode with actually had MS himself one of his symptoms was lack of vision, but he didn’t let that affect him from helping others!!


The Ride for UK guys are truly  Inspiring,  Traveling the Uk seeing wonderful sites, We really do live in a beautiful country, Volunteer on rest days lending a hand to those who need it most. They challenge themselves physically and mentally. They Hand deliver funds to MS research and treatment projects across the UK.

If you would like to get involved next year please get in touch with James who runs the Bike the UK for MS or visit their site  to learn more: