Roof De-moss, SoftWash Treatment and Sanitation in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire


What’s eating your roof?

Its not dirt on your roof, its a FUNGUS infestation! 

SkyLine SoftWash was asked to remove the infestation of moss from this roof in Cinderford in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. Whilst the Forest of Dean is surrounded by nature and natural beauty, the trees, and surrounding plant life can cause heavy microorganisms to spread to your roofs quicker than the inner city.

Mould, Algae, Moss and living microorganisms that are in plants, soil, trees and they grow everywhere including on your building!

When you are surrounded by woods and trees in the Forest of Dean the wind, rain, and weather cycles will help spread theses spores and micro-organisms even faster, they can spread rapidly when left un-treated and start to eat away at your roof!


Can roof tiles really be damaged by Moss?

The answer to this is an ongoing debate which has been going on for decades! The true answer to this is YES! Absolutely

MOSS is a microorganism that has a root system and when left to grow and duplicate these roots need to be strong to keep the moss where it is happy living.

Most times moss can be found living on your house roof, Patio or even window ledges. The Moss will find a nice place to live where it can spread and grow in comfort!

The root system is strong, even though you may not be able to see these microscopic roots they are there. you can certainly see the damage caused after you remove the moss.

Moss root can cause damage such as pitting in many structures such as to render, roof tiles, concrete and, much more!

SkyLine Soft Wash has seen this time and time again! Often when cleaning these areas you may find damage that has been uncovered from years of fungus eating away at the surface you were not even aware of!

Its amazing how much damage these tinny little micro-organisms can cause.


How do you to prevent damage from MOSS?

Moss as you know is a fungus that grows so in order the prevent moss damaging your roof or render its best not to let it grow in the first place, You can get sprays or anti-mold liquids from your local DIY shop, If you spray this down its best to treat these areas every few years or if you see Algae start to grow you know there is potential for moss so its then time to treat.


When do i know when is the best time to treat these areas?

The general rule of thumb is Read the label. Many people buy products from shops and wonder why it does not work. Every product you can buy will have different PPE requirements (personal protective equipment) . Many roof cleaning solutions or anti moss chemicals will have different dilution rates and even ideal temperatures that may be required for the active ingredient to work.

Be very careful when handling chemicals, Even if it says its safe to use on the bottle you need to double-check what PPE you will need. Often it will only be safe if you follow the exact guidelines, PPE such as breathing masks, Clothes, Clothing, and footwear do need to be considered.

You may be putting your friends, family, neighbors or even their pets at risk by spraying chemicals your not familiar with.


How do i clean my own roof?

Roof cleaning can be very dangerous, you need to think about if this is really something you are comfortable tackling. Do you have a head for heights? how will you get the chemicals up to your roof? What chemicals will you use to clean your roof?

SkyLine SoftWash is trained in the safe way of cleaning roofs using the SoftWash Systems Blend Rinse modules.

Our staff has gone through the correct training in working from heights, IPAF and PASAM licenses so we can erect scaffold tower safely and use cherry pickers and MEWPS to get up to those higher areas.

SkyLine SoftWash has gone through a 50 point program to enable us to use chemicals safely and have all the right equipment, training and knowledge to clean your roof in a safe way.

Moss removal no problem. SoftWash Santiastion and treatment to kill the moss easy!

SkyLine SoftWash use the alternative to pressure washing SoftWash!  Safer cleaning with longer-lasting results.

Yes, you can try to clean your roof on your own but really think about if this is something you can do safely without putting yourself or others at risk.

Many roof problems in Cheltenham and Gloucester are often caused by Weather and Climate and over a period of years the damp climate in Gloucestershire can have an adverse effect on roof tiles and creates the perfect conditions for moss, algae, and lichen to grow which can lead to a number of problems that can be very expensive to put right.

If your roof is covered in moss, dirt, grime and you want to know the cost of roof cleaning in Gloucestershire, Birmingham, Bristol or Bath we can certainly help. We have a nationwide network of Authorised SoftWash Professionals roof cleaning contractors that cover the whole of the UK. This means that affordable roof cleaning moss removal services are now available to homeowners wherever they live. SkyLine SoftWash operate in the Midlands, South of Wales and the South West

If you live in Gloucester, Cheltenham, Bath, Bristol, Stroud, Tewkesbury and Gloucestershire or all areas of Southwest and the Midlands, South Gloucestershire or even Birmingham area and are looking for roof cleaning and moss removal. We can be of help as we provide a FREE no-obligation quote for a Roof Clean and Restoration Service for any domestic, commercial or industrial property

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