SkyLine SoftWash were asked to SoftWash this Lovely Home in Westhope in Hereford,

Oak Beam DOFF steam cleaning & Render Cleaning in Westhope
Hereford, HR4 8BT

Old Tudor Style Modern House, Oak Beams and render

Challenging, to say the least, was the fact that the Old oak beams had many years of algae growth, Also some area were very delicate especially around the window frames and render.

Also, the plant life was very close to the house which needed lots of care and attention.

When using chemicals to kill Algae, Mould, and Lichens, these micro-organisms are very similar to plants, So when you use biocides or anti-fungal to kill any algae, mold or lichens the same chemicals if left un-neutralized, potentially could cause damage to plant life too.

One of the main chemicals we are trained to use is a product called Plant Wash, Plant Wash is specifically made for the SoftWash industry to support in the aid of Neutralizing, protecting and revitalizing plants by adding vital nurturance back to the soil to re-populate the micro-organisms in the soil.

When Soft Washing buildings it is vital that you protect the landscape around it, Including pond life, Pets & Children. SkyLine SoftWash is highly trained in the use of chemicals which is suited for the use of SoftWash.

Firstly the team got to work by pre-watering all plants and covering with a tarp to limit the amount of chemical contamination to any plants. The SoftWash System was then used to apply the correct amount of GreenWash (biocide) & Sodium Hypochlorite (Bleach). Using the Blend System this allows you to utilize this specialist SoftWash products in a safe manner. The Blend system applies the correct mixture to limit overuse of chemicals whilst applying in a safe manner.

Once the SoftWash was complete, We got to work on the oak wood beams. Using the DOFF Integra system from stone health, Also with the DOFF pole SkyLine SoftWash steam all of the wood getting rid of any heavy staining. The DOFF uses only 5 liters per min and the 150-degree heat is ideal for cleaning many external areas including stonework, brick, roofs, render cleaning and much more.

Last steps, by applying a Wood Restore through our SoftWash System, adding a UV protector and conditions the wood.

Finally, Plant Wash adds back vital nutrients at the base of the plants, helping beneficial bacteria to repopulate the soil.
Along with thorough rinsing with clean water, before, during and after the cleaning, Plant Wash is used as a final rinse to make absolutely sure every step has been taken to protect the customer’s landscape 100%.



Here’s What was said about SkyLine SoftWash. at this lovely home in Hereford 

“Knowledgeable, professional and hardworking team did a first class render and woodwork clean”

Ian Watson, Westhope Hereford

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